Need to add UK £ as a currency

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OK, so probably a simple thing to fix but I can't find where the settings are.  My account default is $USD but many of my clients are in the UK and I can't see where to add UK£ as a currency. 

I've tried the custom currency but it gives me a weird code 3G_ when I just want it to say £ GBP 

Anyone ? 


  • Kreete K
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    Hi Chris! 

    GBP should be available under every Company account, maybe you need to activate it? If you are an Admin, check under Company Settings > Currencies. Under Activated ones, you can see what you can use on your account. But there is also a selection "Deactivated" - if GBP is there, just activate it to be used:

    If this does not help, please reach out to our Support team via in-app chat or email [email protected] so they could check some more details and help further.

  • Chris Wray
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    Thanks @Kreete K  - I knew it was something simple.  - fixed.