We changed our usernames from a .ly to a .com address and now I cannot log in.

Brent Shopp
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    Hi @Brent Shopp ! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble.

    Please clear the cache and cookies of your browser and try again. I can see from our end that your email address of login to Pipedrive ends in .com . What I imagine is happening is maybe you have your old login credentials saved in your browser and it's filling them in (the wrong ones) for you, so you need to update them.

    Once you've logged into Pipedrive, double-check: go to Settings > Personal Preferences > General > Email and change to your new email within Pipedrive there. 

    That's where you define which email address you use to log into Pipedrive. Your colleagues will need to do the same thing in their own Pipedrive user accounts.

    If any issues persist, please reach out to our Support team and they'll do any further troubleshooting necessary.