How do I bulk Assign Leads or Contacts to my Sales Reps?

Evan Stafford
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2 Questions

1) First off, I want to make sure I uploaded my CSV correctly. When I uploaded about 19,000 contacts / organizations from a Zoom Info CSV, I uploaded them as Contacts. Should they have been uploaded as leads?

2) How do I bulk assign contacts / leads to certain sales reps? Their territories are assigned by city and I have a field mapped for cities already so just need to know how bulk assign them to certain reps

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  • Kreete K
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    Hi Evan! 

    I believe you uploaded your data correctly if added as Contacts, but it depends a bit on how you want to continue with them. In any case, every Lead or later Deal has to be linked to a Contact. So in this case, Contacts are a must, and creating a Lead for that Contact is optional.

    To bulk assign, I assume you need to change the ownership of this Contact or Lead. You can check about Bulk Editing in this article, it is possible in the list view. 

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    @Evan Stafford 

    1. It depends on what your sales process is. Eventually, everything will be a contact. And as I have said in the past, I do not recommend using Leads functionality at all. Just another deals pipeline labeled 'leads' is good enough. Even better, just treat the first 2 stages of your actual deals pipeline as unqualified leads.
    2. Since the contacts are already in Pipedrive, the most effective way to assign these to your team is doing it outside Pipedrive. So:
      1. Export your Leads Data
      2. Use Excel/Google Sheets to determine the lead ownership.
      3. Reimport your leads with Lead ID and Lead Owner.

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    Amit Sarda

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  • Evan Stafford
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    Great, thank you both so much, that answered my questions!