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Hi I'm new to using Pipedrive and was hoping someone could give me some guidance on how I put my leads into categories. I'm currently transferring spreadsheets from excel but would like to be able to put each spreadsheet into separate lead categories. 

any help would be appreciated. 


  • Thomas Hughey
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    That depends upon what category you're looking for. There is the "Label" field, which appears on the top of a lead's profile. You can add a custom field called "Category" or whatever field name you'd like, and assign each lead to a particular value in that field.


    If you're importing these leads into Pipedrive, you would then add whatever value you want into the Column named after the field you're using. So, if your field name is "Category" and one of the values is "Referral," then you can have a column named "Person - Category" and the value for the row would be "Referral."

    Hope this helps.