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I am using the email tracking feature to track when my target opens an email and how many times it has been opened.   However, what I just realized is that when I go click on that message in my "sent" messages folder in Outlook, PipeDrive will also track that as my target opening the message.  It's a bit misleading obviously - is there any way to correct the tracking so that it only provides a notification when my target opens the message?



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    Hi Michael! 

    In this case, it is expected that if you open it from external mail, it will count as opened. Only if you open it from Pipedrive, it will not count as an extra opening. This is due to how the tracking is set up.

    Email tracking is done by adding a tracking pixel to each email where tracking has been enabled, which will register when an email has been opened by the recipient and if links in that email have been clicked. In this case, it is not possible to identify if you open the email from an external email or if your customer opened it. Currently, there are no ways to exclude your own opens. But I do suggest checking the emails only from Pipedrive in this case if they have tracking enabled.

    You can check some more details also here.