Improve or create new SMART Contacts/Organization/Deals sorting/filter by Country (or region)

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In a perfect world, every Pipedrive user is creating the contacts and fills all PP fields. In the real world, he fills only a few of them, like name, phone, email or even worse - contacts are created automatically by BCC (Name+Email).

This created huge problems when your sales lead says: "Hey Roman, list me all customers in the Greece region, who we may visit next month" (Greece as an example).

The best way now to do it, is to create a filter with multiple parameters, which basically is trying to include the most possible filling scenarios. Couple examples:

  • person email ends with .gr (Greece domain)
  • organization's website ends with .gr (Greece domain)
  • organization's address contains Greece
  • person location contains Greece
  • phone starts with +30 (Greece phone code)
  • phone starts with 0030 (another way to store Greece phone code)
  • etc...

This is the best way how to do it, and it works fine! Annoying a bit but fine.
Because of privacy, I can't show you the result.

You may suggest to me, just to use only one parameter:
Organisation Address (Details) -> Country -> search by Greece

Well, you will be surprised since in 85% cases it is not working! Since Pipedrive uses the Google Maps engine for positioning, and in case it can't recognize the address (on user input, like the manager copied the address from the customer signature as it is, and Google is not giving suggestions), it will store everything as String. Even worst, if Pipedrive is used by multiregional companies, exists the possibility that the manager named country in his local language like "Grieķija" (Greece in Latvian), or Indian etc.
Some contacts come from Pipedrive API, like website requests, I noticed that address will be always recognized as String, leaving Google API.

So where is the problem?

The problem starts, then in the company comes new regional manager OR managers is planning roadshow (whatever) and asking: "Hey Roman, give us contact in France+Germany+Spain" or "Contact from ASIA".

Imagine how many filters you need, and how much time you need to spend. Our database has 12 000 contacts.

In my opinion, this is critical functionality for CRM that should be reviewed in the scope of our non perfect world. The data about countries (domains, phones, regions) are ISO standardized, so you can use it for decision-making.

In the same way, as Pipedrive suggests for a possible contact duplicate.

Pipedrive filter for Greece
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    Hi Romuld!

    I understand your frustration. The complex filters you have to create to get something correctly from the Address are really time-consuming. What we usually do for clients is set up a Custom field with " Client Country" or "City/District" which will help them filter the results easier. I understand it a bit more manual work, but currently its the only workaround i can give you from my side.