Why create an org and people record with a Lead?

Mike Cally
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Im just starting to dig into Leads.  I notice when creating a Lead, it automatically creates an Organization and a Person record.  Typically, a Lead inbox or table is to be a "parking lot" of data with sales targets that are potentially interested in your goods/services but you havent qualified them yet.  Having a Leads object helps keep unqualified junk data out of your primary records (like Orgs, People, Deals).  Is there a way to prevent the auto-creation of an Org/People record or was there a different intent when this functionality was designed?



  • Paul Minors
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    Hi Mike, this is the intended functionality but I know that other CRM's are slightly different. 

    So when you create a lead or deal they should be linked to an org and person (ideally). The person and org objects are used to contain the contact information about the contact and company you're selling to. The lead/deal contains the information specific to that particular sale. The nice thing about this is if you sell to the same company/person again and again, you can see a history of all their deals attached to the person or org.