Translation Error : Title in Lead / Deal page

Ian Yun
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Hey team,
Last time I found out that some translation error about word 'title' in Lead & Deal page.

History :

In workflow automation everything is fine, but in data import / deal & lead view has still some problem.
Here I attached screenshot below.

 1. Pageview / Data Import

About Leads, Everything is fine (Please see the screenshot below)



But in the Deal page, there is a problem.
All the 'Title' has translated to '리드명', not '거래명'(Please see the screenshot below)


What I expected is in Lead list view + Lead data import 'title' should be translated to '리드명',
And in the Deal list view + Deal data import 'title' should be translated to '거래명'

(In Korean, 리드 = Lead / 거래 = Deal)

Hope this will be changed soon. Thanks!


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  • Andreia Costa
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    Hello Ian Yun, 

    Thank you so much for sharing this feedback with us, I've passed it to the correct team so they can check on this!

    Many thanks,