Emails sent via Pipedrive not arriving at recipient

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Hi Pipedrivers. We have synced Pipedrive with our Outlook email accounts and prefer to use Pipedrive to send emails to our deals. However, we have noticed that on some occasions emails sent via Pipedrive don't seem to arrive. If we send the email directly via Outlook, they do arrive. This has been happening on random occasions with different deals and recipients. Initially we thought it was a problem at the recipient's end, however it is now happening with multiple recipients, including people who are sufficiently computer savvy. 

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


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    I am currently having issues sending a regular email through Pipedrive, it keeps sending it to outbox with an "Unable to send" thing at the end. The only way I can actually send it is via the mail tab - outbox and click resend. if I go to the email in the clients deal it wont allow me to resend or delete. Really hoping this is a temporary issue. 

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    Same thing here, Marleen.

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    We are having the same issue. A lot of emails arrive at Spam folder.

    Do you track openers and links?

  • You can track open and link clicks and include that in a summary email.

    This video shows how you can do it.