Forecast and subscription: Need monthly installments report from deal's payment schedule/subscriptio

Ricardo Rico
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Hello everybody, is it possible to export an excel containing the monthly installments set on every deal's payment schedule? I'm aware there's an specific report on insights presenting a chart with the monthly breakdown of revenue/subscription forecast but I need to analyse some individual records considered in "total value of payments " per month. Is there another mean to get to this report? Thanks in advance


  • Alan Cullinan
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    Hi Ricardo,

    Did you get a response to this? I too have a similar need. I can set up a payment due revenue tab in "insights" this is showing me monthly the expected payment income based on the payment schedule we set up for the job. However I would like to export particular months to excel, the only two items I can select with regard to $$$ are the project value (total) and monthly revenue, monthly revenue is ok if your monthly expected income will always be the same, however we have varying monthly "payment dues" based on the services provided that month, and I need to be able to export this info for forecasting.

    Pipedrive please help!!