Campaign Manager - sending email in bulk ?

Alexis Vervelle
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One huge issue for email campaign is to send email every 2 or 5 minutes to avoid being tagged as spammer like lemist does. It fakes like it is a man email sent. And not in bulk like pipedrive does.

What do you think about this issue ? 



  • The Campaigns feature should slowly, but steadily, catch up with other email marketing platforms. But it will take time I think.

  • Janis Rozenblats
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    Alexis, if you are talking about email marketing campaigns, then we have a dedicated infrastructure which is separate from your own mail servers which can handle delivery of millions of emails at once. 
    If you are talking about "cold emails" in a campaign like manner, then Pipedrive Campaigns should and can not be used for this. 
    You can use group mail feature which will allow you to send only 100 emails at once, which is a threshold that your mail servers and recipient servers should be able to handle without major issues.