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Ian Yun
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Its uncomfortable to use Lead because Lead only can manage one contact person.

For example, very often we need to manage multiple person to outreach potential customer.
But right now Lead page only add one contact person, so that this makes using pipedrive uncomfortable

(My process : If i find out more contact person, I move into the organization and add more person)

If i add participant in Lead page, that will be save my time much better!

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  • Akhil_Supermeet.ai
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    I used to run ABM and my organizations usually have more than 1 person at the time of entry.

    It is always suggested to create deal rather than leads since deals help you to move them along the pipeline and has better visibility for conversions. The core idea of Pipedrive is around the activities that move deals through the pipeline.

    Lead feature is relatively new in Pipedrive and it's still being developed for more capabilities. 

  • Andre Vill
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    Hi Ian!

    As Akhil said, it might be reasonable to just make a "Leads" stage in your Pipeline. You can, later on, delete that specific field from Insights analytics if needed.

  • I have the same issue with leads, I cant ad multiple people, phone numbers, emails, etc...