List people for Campaign start from Leads

Francesco Galluzzo
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Hi everyone, I need help building a list of people to send a campaign to.

we normally work on a list of leads and decide which leads we want to contact by email or by phone.

How can I manually insert only some leads in our Campaigns? I cannot create a filter because there is no unique condition.



  • Andreia Costa
    Andreia Costa Moderator Posts: 24
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    Hey @Francesco Galluzzo 

    At the moment there's no option to pick them individually, but what if you were to add a label to the ones you want and from there, you can then select a filter based on the label added? That could potentially work for you. 

    Hope it helps! Have a nice day, 

  • Francesco Galluzzo
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    Tnks @Andreia Costa yes, maybe this can be work good, but if I want to send more campaigns to the same people I have to set a second filter on the first name of campaign to have the same list of people.

    This is because we use too much the labels on organisations or leads to have workflow automation.