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I understand the importance of campaign reviews but am disappointed to learn I am unable to ask for a review of a draft campaign. I am told by Pipedrive help desk that every time we add users and go to send a campaign this may (or definitely will, I'm not sure) trigger a review of up to 24 hours.

I would like to be able to send a campaign when I want to. I would like to be able to submit a draft for review to avoid randomly being held up 24 hours. For example the draft campaign gets approved by Piepdrive then I go back in for a final polish or edits and then send when I'm ready - Is there a way to do this?

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    Pipedrive doesn't have a good up front process for Campaigns. They deny everything.

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    Thank you for the question @Claire_25179!

    I understand that this process can ask you more patience than expected. And we also hear all our customer's feedback and we are adjusting our processes to make these steps smoother.

    But there is a reason for having such processes and the process like that is for the senders that are not following good email marketing practices and are interested in abusive activities. And yes this impacts also customers that have good email marketing practices.

    Please remember that behind these actions are the protection of your email delivery & deliverability quality.

    What I can suggest, is please continue to talk with our support team and if you have any particular questions about compliance or delivery, ask them to address these questions to the account review or delivery team and we will review your case as soon as possible.