Is there a recommended way to save contact info for Vendors?

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We deal with a lot of external companies that are not customers and it would be nice to have all of their contact info saved within Pipedrive.



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    We did two things. First we have a custom field that defines type which is also used for prospect records: Multifamily, industrial, residential, religious, eduction, municipal, Retail. And we also have vendor as an option.

    Second, our naming scheme of the record for all vendors is : Vendor - ABC Company name.

    Although that keeps them all grouped nicely in an alphabetized list you could take it a step further to keep them grouped at the top by adding and asterisk: *Vendor - ABC Company name.

    We did the same for trade associations we were involved with: Association - XYZ Association name

  • Usually it´s a good idea, to have a workflow do the work of writing the Deal titels or add certain things to Company Names. That way you make you sure all your deal titles are structured the same. If you run into any trouble setting up the workflow, just let me know. I´m glad to help :-)