Is there a way to have Pipedrive update contact details from Linkedin?

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Asking for advice as we have 4000 contacts, many with missing details: current company, job title, email.

What's the best way to update / sync our existing Pipedrive contacts with what's listed on their LinkedIn profile?



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    Hi Sheila! 

    We have some integrations with Linkedin that you can check out from our Marketplace:

    The most common ones are usually LinkMatch and Dux-Soup connector, but there are others with different features. 

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    Hi Sheila,

    It's better to ask for an contact enrichment tool. What they essentially do is to lookup for email, verify it and enrich with LinkedIn data if it is valid. I see that almost 10-20% people change their job in everymonth and many of your emails will be invalid by this time. 

    Look at a service in marketplace that does the above with deduplication and merge functionality so that you database becomes clean properly.


    I'm thinking of writing something on this and if you are interested in learning more, feel free to connect.

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    I have connections and enrichment set up with Leadject and have created custom fields to assist in updating records.  
    Even though two-way sync is not an option, it's been very useful in creating quality contacts and reliable relationships. 

    Happy to share any information you need.  
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    Enjoy the day