Inconsistent translation of rotting deals in Korean version

Ted Youn
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I'm reporting another Korean translation error for the deal rotting feature.


This is what you see in Korean version when you try to edit Pipeline stages.

  • In each pipeline, deal rotting is translated as "지체遲滯"
  • In a tooltip, however, deal rotting is translated as "정체停滯".

Such an inconsistent translation may confuse Korean readers. I think we can use the word "정체" for deal rotting feature in both places.

Hope this helps.


p.s. In Korean, the words "지체" and "정체" describe traffic congestion:

  1. 지체 denotes "light congestion"
  2. 정체 denotes "heavy congestion"

That's why I think "정체" sounds better for the word "deal rotting".

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  • Kreete K
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    Hi Ted! 
    Thank you for reporting this, I have already shared it with the team.