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Bas Jelle Kragt
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In our business, we invoice on a monthly basis with no set end date, so the value of our deals in pipedrive is the monthly cost for that customer. 

To get a better insight in the MRR, in all closed won deals, the subscription is also added, with a payment date set as well. Because it might happen that the contract is signed in June, but the customer only starts paying in July. But this poses a problem in the reporting in Pipedrive. 

Because when I create a subscription revenue report, I see the total amount of MRR of all deals ever closed won per month. but I just want to see what new MRR is added per month. I can see the amount increasing over the months due to the payment dates that are already set in advance. but it does not give a good insight in how much the MRR is increasing per month.

Normally I would run the report on value of deals closed per month, but since most customers pay a month later, these reports are not useful. 

It would be perfect to have a report on subscription revenue that is based on the subscription start date, instead of won date. same for the forecasting reports

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  • Maciej Krajewski

    Agreed totaly missing the functionality! Without it is hard to use the data for cash flow purposes!