ActiveCampaign recently updated it's pipedrive sync to be two way including filtering on import and

Craig O
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Does anyone have experience with this?  Seems it's less than a month old

Seems to replace the need for outfunnel that many people mentioned.

Would love some feedback on what the pros and cons of PD <-> AC vs PD <-> OutFunnel <-> AC are if anyone has tried the new one and used Outfunnel for it in the past?  A key thing I'm looking to use ActiveCampaign for is website tracking for nuanced onboarding funnel email/SMS/whatsapp stuff.


  • Andrus Purde
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    Hi Craig,

    I haven't tested AC's integration myself but there seem to be two important differences compared to Outfunnel's integration:

    • This integration only syncs contacts, Outfunnel also records email engagement (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc) back to Pipedrive
    • The linked support doc says: "The sync does not automatically push updates made to contacts in Pipedrive if they've already been synced." So it seems this integration syncs contacts over once but doesn't keep them up-to-date if contact record is changed in Pipedrive

    Hope this was helpful!