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Hello everyone,

We plan to expand our sales with external partners, helping us to distribute our products.

The last weeks I work to write best practices around partner management in Pipedrive.

I also worked out that the partners need a lot of additional stuff, so I came around to launching our own partner portal (connected and synced with Pipedrive).

The current question for me is: Is this something the community is also interested in? - I plan to launch it as a SaaS service, maybe others has also problems with partner management.

Are you interested? Give me feedback!




  • Stuart Lachovsky
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    MIchael - I have over 20 years of experience with SFDC and recently moved to PD. We are looking for a partner portal that would handle external leads and residual payments. Let me know if you have something.

  • Omer Moalem
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    Hi Michael,

    I happend to come across this post and I am interested to know what your methods are.

    Let me know how we can get in touch as I am new to Pipedrive community and have no idea what to do next.

  • jaeti01
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    Same demand here. Would be happy to hear what you are doing.

  • jcdumas
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    hey Michael,

    we are using pipedrive for our organisation selling SaaS via direct and indirect channels (2 tiers channel). I would love to read how you manage channel sales with pipedrive as this is 50% of our business and we badly need this feature (recruitment / enablement as well as partner pipeline management)

    Thanks for your feedback


  • Jonas Hammarberg
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    Hi @jcdumas , @jaeti01 , @Stuart Lachovsky and @michaeldoehler

    New to the forum and saw your questions. We're integrating our Partner Portal platform SP_CE to Pipedrive, and I would be happy to get your input and feedback on both our standard functionality and especially what would be most valuable when it comes to the integration… Please ping me here or send an email on

    Thanks in advance!