Quickbooks Integration Issue

Malcolm Henry
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Hey guys i'm having an issue with my quickbooks integration. My organisation is only able to connect one user account to quickbooks, however we require multiple users to have access for invoicing through pipedrive. How can i have multiple accounts achieve integration? 


  • Kreete K
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    Hi Malcolm! 
    Currently, there is a limitation with Quickbooks integration and an active connection is possible with only one user. Unfortunately, no workarounds to have multiple connections ongoing. This is stated also in our Knowledge Base Quickbooks overview article
    Note: Only one user per Pipedrive company account can have an active Quickbooks integration at a time. The user who has the integration installed will be the only person who can see the invoices in Pipedrive.

  • Annika
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    Has this issue been resolved now that we're in 2023?

  • David Gurr (Make.com)
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    @Annika one option would be to use Make (www.make.com) as an intermediary.

    Make includes connectors for Pipedrive and Quickbooks (as well as 1400 other SaaS solutions) and you can create multiple Quickbooks connections.