[Feature Request] An export option for the "Show nearby organizations within" function

Ange Bocock
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Hi team,

Our sales team would like to request an export option for the "Show nearby organizations" function within the address map for organisations. 

They are often driving from one town/city to another, and it would be helpful to see other organisations that are on the way to help them plan their journey and/or arrange last-minute visits in the event of cancellations.

This would be a nice quality of life improvement for our sales team.


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  • Francine Soto
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    Agreed - we can also use an export option for the "Show nearby people" function w/in the address map (that includes their phone number) for People.

  • Andres Kõljalg
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    Hey @Ange Bocock and @Francine Soto!

    Thank you for the feedback. As I understand, the issue is in the planning - and as I understand your Sales Team doesn't keep their computer open in the car when they're driving. I mean, who does that anyway...

    However, have you tried the "Nearby" feature on the Mobile App? This is basically an interactive map which shows you the deals/organizations/people nearby your location, and you're also able to filter them like you would on the computer. Just a couple of clicks and you're in your preferred Maps app with directions on how to drive there.

    👉🏼Here's a quick demo video I recorded

    In case you need help with it, feel free to reach out to our Support. They're available 24/7 and are able to help you right away! 🙏🏼