Is BANT still effective for sales qualification in 2022?

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BANT is a lead qualification process that assesses a prospect’s sales readiness in four dimensions. 

  • Budget: the prospect’s ability to afford the product 
  • Authority: the prospect’s ability to make the final decision
  • Need: whether the prospect has a need your product solves 
  • Timeline: how quickly the purchase needs to take place

BANT can still be a great framework to help reps quickly qualify sales leads and spend more time working with high-quality prospects.

Each dimension encompasses several questions brought up naturally in the conversation.

For instance, a prospect conversation might turn to the subject of Authority

In this phase of the conversation, Authority-based questions should include:

  • Is there anyone else involved in deciding whether this product is the best fit for your team?
  • What steps are usually involved in approving an agreement like this?
  • Would it be helpful for me to meet with anyone else at your company?

Click here for a more in-depth look at pitfalls to avoid when using BANT to qualify customers and how we can modify this helpful (if simple) framework for today’s buyers.

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