Switch Email to Different Deal on Deal or Person Detail Page

Could you please add the ability to switch an email from one deal to another inside the Deal page or Person page? Ideally, the drop-down would say "Switch Deal" and I could search for or add a new deal from that option. Right now it's a 3 or 4 step process.

Maybe even create an option that allows you to move many different emails and/or activities from a person or a deal into another deal.  I'm often grabbing past activities or emails from a person and moving them into a new deal as the deal emerges.

So, clicking an "Add/Switch Deal" button would allow you to check some or all items in a person or deal's history and move them into the correct deal.

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  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Hey Vaughan,

    It's a good feature which can save time.
    Actually, you can do it email by email into the inbox by selecting the emails and switching the linked deal.

  • I miss that feature much, too!

    regarding the hint of Lucas: This works only for emails synced from your own inbox. Any other email stays where it is, even when in a useless place like a person-page.

    I still wonder, why the PD-devs gave permission to remove any email from a deal (not only my own) but thought it not usefull to have the possibility to add/switch.

  • @Lucas MAGNE, I'm not sure why I wasn't alerted when you posted your comment...

    In any case, I know about the ability to switch deals inside the inbox. But for people like us that create activities when an actionable email comes in and then archives the email, this isn't helpful.

    Also, I'm already in the person's detail page when I want to add it to a deal. I wouldn't want to leave the person's detail page and then search for that email again. I want to add the deal from the place where I already am.

    I hope that makes sense. Do you think this request will get priority? Is there already one like it in the queue?

  • I completely agree with Vaughan,

    it is time consuming to search between tons of mails to just switch it to another deal. His idea is brilliant.