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I'd like to suggest making leads more versatile by making them searchable, exportable, and importable via the Lead ID.

Lead IDs are currently only available via the API and you can only get a list of every single lead you have, as opposed to filtering your view in the leads inbox and then exporting to excel.

I'd like to be able to segment a list of leads in the leads inbox, export to excel/csv, and then later do an import using the existing lead IDs to make edits. The reason I'd like this is because I regularly do cleanings of our deals / leads. We take old records, export them to a csv and have our marketing team work the list in a separate tool we use for cold prospecting. Occasionally, a few will convert, and we will then re-input back into PipeDrive for someone to work on.

Connecting the cold prospecting email service with PipeDrive via Zapier is not an option.

A bonus feature would be an option to convert leads into a deal via the same import, but that's not as important.





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    Is there any update on Lead IDs? It's as necessary as having Deal IDs for export/import purposes.

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