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The purpose of sales territory optimization is to allocate accounts and sales resources to meet customer expectations, drive productivity and maximize ROI.  

Territory optimization aims to achieve a balance between too much sales potential in a territory (wasting opportunities) and not enough potential (resulting in reps not earning enough to support themselves). It is important to allocate and manage territories in a fair and equitable manner so that the company can maximize sales and profit, salespeople can earn incentives, and customers can get quality service.

Optimizing territories can provide a number of benefits. In the first place, territory optimization improves the organization's sales coverage. By assigning specific sales reps to specific territories, there is better coverage throughout the territory, as well as a better distribution of responsibility across the sales team. You can eliminate guesswork and generate territories that ensure consistent success for your sales team.

With territory optimization software like WeMapSales, your data and sales goals are taken into account to build a more comprehensive model. As a result, your territory management strategy will be based on zip code, opportunity, open deal value, previous revenue, and other key performance indicators.

Layering and weighing all business considerations can help you ensure an even distribution of opportunities for your reps, build a more predictable business model, and increase your team's efficiency.

Optimizing territories improves customer service as well. Client accounts can be more carefully monitored with the right number of representatives assigned to particular territories, while also building a relationship between the rep and customer.

To obtain balanced sales territories, WeMapSales takes multi weighted metrics as well as multi constraints into consideration. Balanced sales territories will keep your sales team motivated to maximize the opportunities in their territory (and create more opportunities) without overwhelming themselves or trying to outdo each other.

The utility of WeMapSales is not limited to territory optimization, but also includes features that make it an easy to use automated Business Intelligence tool. 

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