How to distribute and promote your white paper

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Rather than only publishing the white paper on your site and hoping your ideal customer finds it, use every possible channel to promote it. 

  • Website: Make your white paper easy to find, such as highlighting it on your home page or using pop-ups to notify high-intent visitors.
  • Social media: Repurpose your white paper and share highlights with your followers and connections. 
  • Email marketing: Use your regular newsletter or an email autoresponder sequence to share your white paper with people on your email list.
  • Sales enablement: Make sure all of your sales team are aware of the white paper, its content and the target audience, so they can use it in their sales process and send it to potential customers.

Landing pages:

 Create a landing page so that anyone interested can learn more about how the white paper will help them.

Click here to learn how to write a white paper that resonates, as well as 3 examples of inspiring B2B white papers.

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