Syncing Recurring Meetings

kurt geldner
kurt geldner Posts: 2
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I use Outlook and just installed Pipedrive.  I do not seem able to sync recurring meetings.  Can I get some guidance on how this is done?  Thanks!!



  • Peter Mannhart
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    I know that you can sync your calander to your outlook. The thing is, that it will sync everything, i dont now if you can pick like only meetings :)

  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Hi Kurt,
    Do you use the Two-way Sync for the calendar ?

  • kurt geldner
    kurt geldner Posts: 2
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    Hi Lucas...yes.  As a matter of fact I figured out a work around.  The meetings show up in gray in my Pipeline calendar and they cannot be edited from Pipedrive, but I can see them.  I had to send updates for each recurring meeting and then Pipedrive saw them. replied to me and said that they are working on making recurring meetings interactive.  But for now, you can see them you just can't change them...thanks!!!