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Im coming from HubSpot which seems to have limitless posibilities (the more you pay of course), but in context of that, I have some feature requests I wanted to get off my chest... I just got Pipedrive for my company and am running into some limitaitons:

  1. Automations - smart docs triggers and actions
  2. Smart Docs - Default option to delete document from source drive
  3. Products - ability to show ALL field columns in the matrix, I want to see categories, notes, etc
  4. Products - option to always expand prices / variations always
  5. Web Forms (really just need a questionaires / forms segment) - ability to update EXISITNG deals based on input. We have briefs which help move our clients along the pipeline even after submitting they get created as new deals / leads then I have to merge.
  6. Quickbooks - sync products

All this is in hopes to increase automations and attempt to do more with a lot less clicking, so I can focus on my business

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    I also like the automatic company record creation and enrichment that Hubspot offers when you add a contact and their email.

    Also, how you can add more than one person to a deal in Hubspot. This is very crucial in my opinion and currently you have to add participants to a deal.