Effective Sales Territory Optimization With WeMapSales

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The process of dividing territories, assigning them manually to sales reps, and analyzing sales data is often a daunting task for managers. WeMapSales, a sales territory optimization and management tool, automates all the details necessary to ensure that all the accounts are assigned equally to the sales reps, and that the accounts are properly serviced by them. 

It tracks sales activities, analyzes reports, enables you to assign accounts to sales reps to provide better decision-making, increase productivity, and support better decisions.

The purpose of creating sales territories is to match sales efforts to business opportunities. Salesmen are assigned individual customers and prospects to better plan and control their sales operations.

WeMapSales considers multi-weighted metrics as well as multi-constraints in order to achieve a balanced sales territory. Sales territories that are balanced will encourage your sales team to maximize opportunities in their territories (and create more opportunities) without overwhelming themselves.

WeMapSales is not only an effective sales territory optimization tool, but also an easy-to-use Business Intelligence tool.

Sales leaders can use it to optimize sales and productivity, monitor market conditions, identify new opportunities, and expand into new markets by creating balanced, contiguous, and compact territories.

Try our App for free. You can download the app from our Pipedrive Marketplace page: https://marketplace.pipedrive.com/app/we-map-sales/6df8d296bdf3bf50  

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