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Ruben Nadimi
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Dear PD,

As a sales manager, I would like to see a further developed 'Revenue' / 'Payment Schedule', plus reporting.

Suggestion for Payment schedule:

  1. Copy the Total amount from the Deal Value (instead of manually filling it in)
  2. Give the option to add % of the total amount per milestone (instead of now manually adding in the numbers and dividing the total amount into certain parts)
  3. Give the option to create template milestone payments, for example milestone 1 is always down payment 40%, milestone 2 is 20% etc. This way you can also create a template per client, and have that client's template attached to the deal
  4. Automatically move the milestones when the expected closing date is changed (otherwise you need to keep changing 5 milestone dates for every time the expected closing date is moved up)


Suggestion for Reporting:

  1. Under Insights/+ reports/add a new report/forecast and subscription/revenue forecast , allow to make a filter for future expected revenues based on the payments schedules from all open deals with a probability of > xx % (for example >80%).
  2. Goal is to create a forecast of the expected 'to be invoiced' amounts per month of the Open Deals with a certain probability. This helps to get a picture of the future expected invoicing from Open deals which you can reasonabily expect to be Won and invoiced.
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  • Ben Swan
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    Two years on and I'd still like to request this.

    Just spent hours adding payment schedules for every single open deal only to discover that Pipedrive is incapable of producing a report on the weighted forecast of expected payments.

    I was impressed with Pipedrive when I started using it but I keep finding blindingly obvious things that it is unable to do.