Stop Email Sequence When Contact Responds (...workaround???)

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I'd like to setup a flow so that when a deal is moved into a new deal stage, an automated email is sent (email 1, 2,). BUT, I'm looking for the advice on how to stop the sequence when there is a response from the prospect. 

Open to feedback on ways to do this with workflows within Pipedrive, Zapier, or combination of the two. Would prefer to avoid a 3rd party / marketplace app if possible. 

Some options I was thinking I'm curious to hear your feedback about:

  • Pipedrive Workflow associated with Deal Stage:

    1. Action: Send "Email 1"
    2. Condition:  " If Email Count <2" (meaning only 1 email has been sent, and 0 received)
    3. Action: Send "Email 2"
    OR "If Email Count NOT <2" 
    Action: "Update Deal Stage" 

From reading other posts, it seems like the problem with this is that the "Email Count" value won't act as a that correct??
If so, what are workaround options? 


  1. Trigger: "Deal rotting for 3 days"
  2. Condition:  and is in 'Email 1' Deal Stage,
  3. Action: move to 'Email 2' Deal Stage and
  4. Action: "Send Email 2"
  • Since "Currently, the only third-party tool that can trigger automations within Pipedrive is Zapier." building a workflow to accomplish this through Zapier seems more robust -- has anyone built something in zapier to accomplish this? 
    If so, I'd be super grateful if you could point me in the right direction. 

    I've been looking at using "Path" actions working off of "email count", but thought some of you might have a more elegant solution?

    ...crazy you can't just set a condition to stop a campaign when somebody responds. huge oversight. facepalm




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    Hi Gina 👋,
    Is this workflow can support your need ?


    You can of course modify :
    - The condition
    - The duration of the delay
    - The email template etc

    The automation works well if you don't send other email to your leads. It will count the number of email attached to the deal and if it's not over, it will send an email.
    Attention, you need to select a template email in order that you email is linked to your deal.

    I hope this explanation answers your question! 

    Do not hesitate to come back to me if necessary.

    Have a great day ! 👋

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    I will definitely try this for our next campaign thanks for the suggestion.

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    @John North Did you end up implementing this, and how was your experience?