Transfer of leads to Pipedrive with distribution to managers and control of duplicates


Hi everyone.

I am glad to announce that we have already launched, tested and implemented the LeadBox service for our clients. LeadBox is a service for transferring leads from any source to Pipedrive.

We can collect and transfer leads from:

  1. Facebook lead forms
  2. any CMS and site builders via WebHook
  3. Forms of Manychat and other online chats
  4. Marketplaces through parsing of emails

Functionality that facilitates work in Pipedrive with leads through LeadBox:

  1. Control of contact duplicates - LeadBox will check the presence of a contact in Pipedrive by phone number and email and will create a deal linked to an already existing contact;
  2. Control of deal duplicates - it is possible to choose whether to create a separate deal from each order of the same client, or to add information to an existing one;
  3. Distribution of leads between managers - equal distribution among selected managers for each of the sources of leads.
  4. Collection of utm tags and transfer of data on won deals to Google Analytics to build end-to-end analytics there.
  5. Creation of lead queues, which helps gradually transfer all leads to Pipedrive even with a significant number of simultaneous requests.
  6. Flexible settings - you can configure the transfer of certain data to certain fields in Pipedrive and which managers to transfer them yourself without the involvement of programmers

More information on our website:

  1. - in Ukrainian
  2. - in English

Register, and our manager will help you connect for the test period of the service.

Or try it yourself:

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