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Alex Oakley
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We manufacture bespoke orders out in the Far East and ship them direct from there to the customer.

I have a sales pipeline for our live deals, once they've been won it would be great to have the option to convert to live order, which would move it into a 'fulfilment pipeline'. This would include stages like 'waiting on customer', 'in production', 'in transit' etc.

At the moment I'm doing it manually just by setting up an additional pipeline, but it would be better to have greater integration between the two.


  • Edie Mew
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    Hi Alex,

    This sounds like a great use case for a secondary Pipeline with automations between the two. The second fulfillment pipeline would cater for multiple orders and allow you to process them in each stage. Automations can allow for stage updates based on dates or data being changed/added or when you've completed a specific activity 

  • You could do this with an automation that duplicates the deal that is won and then places the new duplicate deal in the "Production" / "Fulfillment" Pipeline.

    For reporting purposes you may want to leave the original won deal in the "Sales" Pipeline? That is what I would do.

    When a deal is duplicated it adds the word "Copy" to the name of the deal. Your automation workflow can be designed to use this as a condition to move it. The copy may also initially be set as won so you may need an automation to reopen it when its placed in the new pipeline.