Which tool do you recommend to sync Opens and Clicks from Mailchimp to Pipedrive ?

Eric Super
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Which tool do you recommend to sync Opens and Clicks from Mailchimp to Pipedrive ?


  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
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    @Markus Leming @Andrus Purde from Outfunnel definitely rock!
  • Andrus Purde
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    Eric, do check out our 2-way Pipedrive-Mailchimp integration that does just that.  And more eg. website tracking, lead scoring, auto-creating deals from email clicks.

  • Fadi Eliya_15116
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    Hey Eric!

    If you are still looking for an option without having to pay for Outfunnel's pricing, we created an integration that does just this,  Sync with Sales by Target Robot.

    Sync with Sales allows you to:

    View all marketing activity from Mailchimp inside Pipedrive.

    Provide all the relevant marketing insights and background on a specific contact. Help your sales team learn what works and sell more.

    • Target your most engaged users⁠–⁠faster.
    • Search and filter by campaign results.
    • Turn your cold leads into warm leads.
    • Stay in sync with Marketing.

    Similarly, our app allows you to view the complete sales pipeline inside of Mailchimp.

    Easily integrate your Pipedrive account with Mailchimp and create a complete view of your sales pipeline. Help your marketing team support your sales team by nurturing leads. Learn what works and sell more.

    • Improve segmentation & nurture campaigns.
    • View deals and company data directly in Mailchimp.
    • Personalize campaigns based on the sales pipeline.
    • Learn what messaging helps convert more sales leads.

    Let me know if you have any questions Eric and I would be happy to help you through the process. Our goal is that this would save you time/money, keep your activities in sync and help you utilize the best of both Pipedrive and Mailchimp for your growing business.