What are the best strategies for selling services at the time of the coronavirus?

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What are the best strategies for selling services at the time of the coronavirus?


  • Matt Dickason
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    We've been offering a 15% discount on orders...via email to our existing customers. We are in manufacturing, and are currently "essential" but we are unclear (like everyone else) how long that will remain. Essentially, we are encouraging them to stock up if they are able.

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    That is an interesting question. Thank you to share with us. Perhaps one should distinguish between one shot services and those of an subscription level (like a dropbox or so). I am working as a consultant in the first field. And yes, it is difficult to provide the same or a roughly comparable level of service. Of course, we are able to carry out workshops virtual via zoom or so. But for the customer it is not the same. 

    Therefore we decided to develop special offers on topics most needed by our clients. For instance we provide virtual classrooms about doing webinars or use of collaboration tools. These sessions are for free. We try to consolidate our image as an solutions provider in the head of our customers. 

    Time to sell the usual services will come in about 6 to 8 weeks.

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    The same sales strategy as before and after the coronavirus. Re-focus your targeting. Who benefits most from your product and service today? Are some segments more important than others? (hint -every food manufacturer works extra shifts getting product on the shelves and every pharma/alcohol manufacturer is adding lines to make hand sanitizer).

    Do a bang up job investigating the potential opportunity, develop the hidden and not so hidden needs and the impact it has on their organization and develop strong value for your product or service to address the explicit needs you found. The problem you're fixing still exists - but your ability to make this problem so significant in the eyes of the customer that it gets priority of fixing is more important than ever. I