How do you keep track of recurrent customers? I'm trying to figure out the best solution for our com

Tatiana Bazzi
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How do you keep track of recurrent customers? I'm trying to figure out the best solution for our company. Do you track it as an organization field and/or with a deal field? Every quarter it's hard to get statistics out of pipedrive for this specific aspect.


  • Seda
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    Hi @Tatiana Bazzi ! Thank you for your feedback!

    Have you already tried new reporting feature called Insights (Progress -> Insights)? There you can view deal information by organizations. You can make changed to the existing reports and create new ones. Here is an example of the report I just created:


    In the future, we will add a separate reporting type for organizations, so you can view more detailed results.
    Just in case, here is knowledge article for Insights.

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    Hi @Tatiana Bazzi ,

    I'm curious, so a few questions.

    Recurring like a billing plan or recurring like the same customer who buys the same product again? Or is it about the process before the same customer returns?


  • Bruno Castellanos

    É um grande problema fazer o acompanhamento de clientes de recorrência. O PD oferece a possibilidade de colocar em Faturamento a opção de pagamento recorrente, mas isso não conversa com os Produtos. Existe uma grande barreira para a criação de relatórios devido a esses campos serem desconexos. Além disso a Base de conhecimento parece não levar em consideração os tipos de negócio possíveis e as relação que temos com clientes de recorrência.

    It's a big problem to follow up recurrency customers. The PD offers the possibility of placing the recurring payment option in Invoicing, but this does not match the Products. There is a big barrier to creating reports due to these fields being disconnected. In addition, the Knowledge Base does not seem to take into account the possible types of business and the relationships we have with recurring customers.