Only The Creative Survive — What can we learn from COVID-19?

Melissa Clark
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Hello Pipedrive. Most importantly, I hope you're keeping safe and sane.

I'm Melissa and I'm researching how we bounce back from COVD-19 — stronger and more united.  

What can COVID-19 teach us? How do we redesign our organisations to survive and thrive? How do we be more prepared?I’d love your input by taking this 10-minute survey. Promise👌

Join me and discover
:🏗 Emerging business models
💁 Learnings on future-proofing organisations
☝ A data-driven index mapping agility and resilience
You get early access to our live data visualisations. An advanced copy of the findings. For each submission, I am donating money to our health service.

What’s not to love? Let's go:


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