When creating a new lead would it be beneficial to have a field for URL Link?

Joshua Smith_3156
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When creating a new lead would it be beneficial to have a field for URL Link?


  • Ed Gornall
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    A field would be great, and a custom field to use in email template.
  • Scott Cravens
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    I guess I think of Leads just like People but with a status of "not yet converted". Until converted, their stats don't make their way into other reports. Otherwise, in my business anyway, they are the same.
  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Joshua Smith and others. In one of our next iterations custom fields will be available on the leads as well, so stay tuned :)
  • Rodrigo Rojas
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    Sometime this is useful but it really is easy to setup with ZAPIER automation. We use it to prepare notifications to SLACK for a client.
  • Melissa Lopes Correa
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    Is there any field to add companies website?

  • Devin Eggerton
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    You can use extensions that link to Pipedrive to make this happen. Additionally if you need to add a URL link for a person you can always copy and paste a profile page or bio link into the notes section for reference.