What is the main way that you prospect?

Justin Stephens
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What is the main way that you prospect?


  • Jonathan Gennick
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    I use a combination of LinkedIn and email to make the initial contact, which I drive to a phone call as quickly as possible. (Getting to a phone call is a high priority). I have a 62% success rate this year in getting responses from those initial contacts, so I'm happy enough with the approach I'm taking. 

  • Kurtis Spencer
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    Cold Calling

    I use all 3. Most of the new business clients I've won (61%) have come on the back of a cold call.

  • Jon Morris
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    I thought I would add a comment since I tend to have a more holistic approach. My methodology starts with identifying my target audience. Once that is accomplished, I generate a list of companies with contact details that fit that target audience. From there I use a hybrid approach of marketing, networking and cold out reach to reach them. I try though to limit my cold outreach as much as possible. I use more of a connector strategy for sales to reach companies versus calling them cold. For example, if I want to talk to Bob from Company A, my first plan of attack is to search Bob in LinkedIn to see if I have any 2nd party connections. If I do have a 2nd party connection I reach out to the person that I know that also knows Bob to see if that person could make an intro.
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    We actually use all of them, but Cold call is no1.

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