Most Advanced email automation workflows specifically for Pipedrivers

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Hello Pipedrivers, 

When you’re looking for an email automation tool that integrates smoothly with Pipedrive, you should definitely expect to work with a few automated workflows.

If you ask me if creating email automation workflows are a watershed in the way you work with Pipedrive?

My friends - the answer is - HELL YES!!

You will be able to automate a lot of those manual tasks eating up your daily time that you can spend on accomplishing other important tasks

This happens when you use Klenty that works seamlessly with Pipedrive.

A Klenty-Pipedrive user can easily:

  1.  Auto-import contacts from Pipedrive to Klenty
  2.  Start email campaigns automatically to the contacts in Klenty
  3.  Perform actions in Pipedrive like Create Task or Move Deal Stage, etc based on email open, click, etc using Triggers and Actions

This is just one of the few fully automated workflows you may expect to use. It only gets better with more of such features. 

Soon, I’ll be sharing a post on the many such workflows you can enjoy with Klenty and Pipedrive. 

Stay tuned :) 

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