Looking for Realtors feedback on using Pipedrive?

Michael P. Schnabel
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Looking for Realtors feedback on using Pipedrive?


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    @Joseph Valenti perhaps you can connect @Michael P. Schnabel with some people you work with?
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    thanks Mike.
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    Not exactly a realtor, but I have a real estate business in the Chilean Patagonia. I bring leads through Facebook Ads and then my sales team qualify them and make them go through the pipeline. Pipedrive has been a key tool for all this. We are extremely happy with it.

    Some recommendations of what has worked for us:

    • Facebook Ads brings a ton of cheap leads (at least in Chile). Their quality is not so good, but you can improve it and make sales nonetheless.
    • Showing the price at the beginning of the headline and text for our ads bring us better leads in Facebook.
    • If using Facebook Lead Gen Forms, then you have to be extra careful with audience segmentation. If the quality of leads keeps being unacceptable, then try by using a Landing Page first (not Facebook Forms) and only use those forms with retargeting audiences (people who visited your landing page and didn't convert).
    • Use an automation in Pipedrive to alert your sales team as quickly as posible that a new lead has arrived. Try to contact that lead in the first 5 minutes.
    • Regarding the above: you can run ads only during your working hours, so you can achieve a quick response time. However,  the first hours of the night (7pm - 11pm) tend to be a very good time for lead generation on social networks, so having a night shift can be very productive.
    • Mix email, phone calls with whatsapp if your audience uses that app.
    • Do a lot of retargeting through web sites and social networks to your leads. We call this "Warm Up Campaigns". After someone has filled one of our forms, we start showing them pictures and videos of our real state project over and over again. Dozens of different images and videos through dozens of ads that are shown to them day after day for 90 days.

    Hope that helps @Michael P. Schnabel ! :-D

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