What is the main reason you resort to other apps for email and automation (Gmail, Zapier, Integromat

Tomás Girardi
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What is the main reason you resort to other apps for email and automation (Gmail, Zapier, Integromatt, Drip, AutopilotHQ)?


  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Tomás Girardi !

    Did you know that now you can use Mailigen to create email marketing campaigns and integrate it with Pipedrive? We're now part of the same company and are working hard as we speak to make them flow seamlessly. 🚀

    More here:

    - Mailigen Acquisition: https://support.pipedrive.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006488037-Mailigen-Acquisition-

    - Create a free trial account with Mailigen: https://www.mailigen.com/pipedrive
  • Ann Goggin
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    I would like to have a more visual email like I can send with Mailchimp. Agile CRM has this within its CRM, no need to go outside to Mailchimp. I would REALLY love to have this inside Pipedrive.


  • Comercial Maestrus
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    Gostaria de ter um fluxo de automação de trabalho com outras condicionais, o que tenho no Active Campaing, pelo Zapier.

  • Nick Berry
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    The lack of an effective way to do automated follow ups, and drip campaigns.
    I know it is "possible" with workflow automations, but workflow automations lack statistics, troubleshooting, or an audit trail of any kind.

  • Bethany Ann George
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    Is there a way to easily move contacts from Pipedrive into a list on Mailigen?
  • ScottEst
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    I don't know how sending newsletter to your list works in pipedrive and if it is as comprehensive as in MailChimp.
  • Inês Batata
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    @Bethany Ann George Yes there is, just follow the steps right here: https://support.mailigen.com/mailigen-pipedrive
  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @ScottEst , thank you for your interest!

    Mailigen is as comprehensive as MailChimp and very intuitive, too. It also has SMS campaign capabilities, if that's something that interests you.

    Take a look at the articles here to get to know it a little better: https://support.mailigen.com/email-campaign-creation

    Or book a demo here: https://www.mailigen.com/special/mailigen-demo-request
  • Mark Haller
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    There's two main types of emails I send in relation to CRM -

    1- email marketing.  I want something that integrates super tight with Pipedrive - both sending out, but also recording clicks/opens/etc - I've not found anything that does that so far.  It's external to Pipedrive right now (both dotMailer and MailChimp)

    2 - sending sporadic emails to clients.  It's one of the unknown, and trust if I was to do it from Pipedrive.  I'm familiar with Outlook, I trust it, it's safe.  I am not there with email straight from Pipedrive.  What does the destination email look like.  Is it branded OK.  Is it from my email address or (like Salesforce was, which is horrid) does it have Pipedrive domains and long email addresses - which shouts "sell sell sell" to the recipient.

  • Erik Christensen
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    I would also like to add the mail function with templates is useless on the Mobile app.
    No point having all the templates we need in Pipedrive if I can't use tokens etc.
  • Sara Leyva
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    The fact that I am only able to send to a group of 100 emails at a time.
  • Ben Gooden
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    Anyone else having issues with the above? After going to 2 factor authentication for Outlook, for security - Pipedrive no longer syncs emails for our sales team, and we are getting no resolution
  • Vladimir Dubakin
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    @Ben Gooden Hey, Ben! I am sorry to hear that! I took the liberty of checking the communication with support to see what is the issue and why there is no resolution.
    And I can am happy to see that Miguel already assisted you and resolved it!
    Feel free to reach back to support if there are any issues :)
    And Have a great weekend ahead
  • Jennie Lau
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    For security purposes, there's some emails that shouldn't be synced through a 3rd party email app.

  • Dereck Breuning
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    It's only to a 100 people and I think the functionality right now is limited since its hard to keep track of who did what with your email and base actions around that. Mailigen will probably solve that.

  • Jim_12009
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    Are there any plans to integrate with GSuite Voice (paid for Google Voice)
  • Alan McTighe
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    Our business is built around Outlook for emails and Calendars and the like - just easier to work from Outlook on day to day stuff. I also haven't explored the impacts on outlook of doing everything from Pipedrive for now.

  • Andrew Klotz
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    Sending from my GSuite domain alias email address has been a big need for a while now, since I have the main GSuite account, and the alias domain, and use them both to correspond with prospects and customers.

  • Geoff Wilkie
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    Having automation that builds off of date fields would be great - so can at least set automation for these fields as well as being able to set delays or pre-emptive emails for those dates that have created.

  • Christophe Brochard
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    Because we have multiple mail adresses, and only on can be sync in an individual pipedrive account.
  • AutoBizBrokers
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    I don’t like the layout of the PipeDrive email platform. It’s unnatural and very hard to get used to. PipeDrive should offer email layout options.
  • Andy Newbom
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    the email in pipedrive has some AMAZING features that most users probably don't even realize like auto adding new contacts CCed in emails, connecting email strings to different deals and more. those are awesome and helpful and better than any other solution.
    these issues are why all day long we have to switch over to gmail to get things done, super basic things!!
    1) the email threading is horrible. it is nearly impossible to open an email strong and figure out the ORDER of emails. too much white space, the dividers are also white, too much spacing, not enough collapsing of old emails, and it does NOT go right to the last email in the strong so you end up doom scrolling until you give up and open gmail.
    2) the calendar invites generally do NOT allow you to confirm or decline meetings. sometimes it shows up now, but we still have to open gmail to accept a meeting invite.

    fix those two major issues and I can finally get my team to stop using outlook, gmail etc for email viewing
  • Jeremy Gulley_11062
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    All the above reasons play a part for sure. 

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