Let's help each other out! Any travel companies present?

Good afternoon,

My name is Olmo from the Netherlands and I run a travel agency. Would there be any other PD-users with a similar occupation be interested in some brainstorming in how we can make use of PD in the best possible way. I'm facing several challenges (and I might be able to help you out on others):

  • A 'large' (?) number of incoming leads (this can be 10-20 per day), how to keep that structured? Many of them will also be 'very cold' leads
  • In general: how do you go about with sending reminders to leads (after no or one contact moment but no further reaction from their side?)
  • PD apparently is working on a better email-automation tool. I would love to send automated emails based on a 'date field' (the period of their holiday, 1 week before departure etc.). How do others go about with this?

Possibly I would have some tips to make your life easier and there are still tons of improvements on our side as well which I didn't mention here.

Let's connect!

Cheers, Olmo van Beurden, SurfaWhile/Coconut Travel Collective