Pipedrivers, what do you do with deals after they are completely finalized? What are the best practi

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Pipedrivers, what do you do with deals after they are completely finalized? What are the best practices? Do you move them to a separate Pipeline or just a different stage and let them rot there forever? Cause that looks to me like cluttering my pipeline.. Please share your opinions. It would be very helpful to hear Pipedrive supports opinion as well on how they want us to store them since there is no any close deal button (except WON button). Thanks,


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @ISA AYDIN 

    Can you explain to my why "won" isn't enough and you want to close it somewhere else?
    Are you actively working with won deals? The simplest option which most users use is to simply switch filters and have filters that don't include your won deals.

    @Bernd Auer @Boris Tsibelman @Amit Sarda perhaps you have some other suggestions how some of your clients do it?

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    Hi Isa Aydin, how are you?

    We have a process where we have a team of salespeople that make the first sale, and that's one funnel. Then we have a Onboarding team, that works in training our new customers for a few weeks. That's a different funnel. So the idea that we use is: for each process, one funnel. When the sales team win a deal, Pipedrive automatically creates a new deal in the Onboarding Funnel, with all the information gathered during the sales period. So, when the Onboarding team receives the new deal, they already have the entire data to train this new customer. 

  • Nancy Vamvakas
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    We 'win deals' .. but then a deal isn't done (completed/won) till we have asked for a review. 

    We win them lest the customer is conducting simultaneous transactions.  eg.  We send out samples AND fulfill orders.  It is not unusual for a customer who has a paid order to also have one or more sample orders open.   ... So to avoid PD associating inbound mail with the wrong deal (particularly if the open deals are not suited to 'merging'  ... it is important we win/lose them as soon as we can. 

    ... but like a said.   We put a lot of emphasis on getting at least one review .. eg Google ... depending on the feedback we even get cheeky and sometimes solicit for 3 reviews across multiple social media platforms.  (our pipeline incorporates asking for and following up review requests at the tail end of our order processing and fulfilment process. 

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