Any plans on HIPAA Compliance soon? Losing tons of opportunities :(

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Any plans on HIPAA Compliance soon? Losing tons of opportunities :(


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    Hi @ISA AYDIN 

    Becoming HIPAA compliant is a long and extensive process. We are committed to be compliant eventually but there's still lots of steps for us at Pipedrive to take. Unfortunately I can therefore not give you an ETA but I can tell you it's in the plans.
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    For marketing agencies using Pipedrive and looking to grow in the healthcare field, if you are worried about Pipedrive's lack of HIPAA Compliance, HIPAAtizer has a solution for you!

    HIPAAtizer is a form builder that includes an integration module for Pipedrive. This allows you to create external communication tools, such as contact and intake forms that segregate the data collected into HIPAA-sensitive and non-HIPAA-sensitive information.  With the integration, non-HIPAA sensitive information can flow to Pipedrive so you can follow-up with prospects and help drive your clients' business growth.  All HIPAA-sensitive information would be routed separately to your medical or dental clients, thereby keeping everything HIPAA Compliant.  Check this link out for more information:  (