I'm a real estate agent just getting started with pipedrive. I'd like to track things like seller's

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I'm a real estate agent just getting started with pipedrive. I'd like to track things like seller's / buyer's closing attorney, home inspector, termite inspector, lender, etc. with deals. I started by adding fields under "organization" in deals but then realized that maybe I should be using "participants" for this. Any thoughts on the best approach would be greatly appreciated!


  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
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    Adding Participants to the Deal with their roles would be the ideal case.

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    That would depend on how you plan on acting on the filter id’s assuming you will filter these and potentially ask the database, “show me all the home inspectors that I’ve connected to so I can send them Christmas cards”. In that case, you’d want to customize the contact filters. Pulling in contacts first and last name from the organization view and viewing them in context of the fields you chose doesn’t work well, well let me just say it, it’s not an option as the picture shows. In Organization table view, you can’t add contact names to go along with your custom field titles.

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    If you go to your company settings you can add custom fields to deals.  These custom fields can be set to type person or organization (I don’t recall the exact terminology).  Then you will be able to link to orgs and people in your contacts in each specific deal and filter by them too.

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    Participants are still contacts in your Pipedrive installation. I would use a custom field to "code" them to the different types of participants so that you can sort them in Contacts and then add them as participants to the deals. As mentioned earlier, a lot of CRM is predicated on what you want to do with the data today and in the future. If you intend to engage "inspectors", "attorneys" etc. then adding the custom field type is the most flexible thing fo you to do moving forward. The other option is to "label" them which is a version of tagging contacts as a type and then being able to sort on them.
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    We add/track both in some cases. I would add all the info you want to track in custom fields for each Organization then add participants for contacts that you would want to reach out to directly in the future. E.g. emailing all the closing attorneys that you worked with last month. This may seem redundant, but it makes it easier to pull/build reports later. 

     The important thing to remember is that you can't change the type of custom field once it's created. If you select "singe option" and later you want to be able to select "multiple options", it can't be changed. Hope this helps. 

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    Such a great question. I’m not even in the industry but it seems like pipe drive should share peoples best practices so we don’t have to restart everything over and over again. For instance, wouldn’t it be great if you’re in real estate you could see how five or six people have customize their pipe drive for real estate. So you could choose whatever vertical that you’re in and go to the community pages and then see examples of how really organized thoughtful people have laid things out it would save ours an hours of time. I hope the Pipedrive team sees this and perhaps create space to make that happen.
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    I'm a mortgage broker and use participants. For the individual contact, we use custom fields and labels to further segment. Tags are helpful, too.
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    Great question! I am not in the industry, but how I would set the contacts is with tags and labels about what they do: lender, Broker, inspector, etc and then I would also have them included using the participants tab on the opportunity. I would also have custom fields in the opportunity where you could easily and quickly see who does what of the participants: For example - a Lender field, Inspector field, etc. Im not sure if it is possible but if you could have those fields and like the contact you wouldn't even need to add them as participants!
  • Michael P. Schnabel
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    You answer your question. In my experience, adding all individuals involved in the transaction as "participants" works very well. Also, within the "deal" itself, you may assign "activities" too specific "participants", you see everything is kept organized under the "deal".

  • Erik Lindholm
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    We use custom fields inside deals, people and orgs to track referral people or organizations. The benefit to this is we can see who referred a person, organization, or the source of a deal. I can run a filter and see how many contacts or deals Someone referred us to and drill down from there. The upside is it works with any contact or deal. The downside is you can only list 1 contact per custom field. In your case participants would probably be better because you can click on their contact and see all deals they are associated with and track activity with that person inside the deal. And you can have as many deal participants as you want.
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    Corby, using participants is going to be your best bet and label those individuals with roles, for example, the Smith Residence (Deal) has an inspector named Dave and an attorney named Shawn. I would label Shawn and Dave with Inspector and Attorney and add them as a participants on the Smith Residence.
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    @Corby Hicks I'm a lender, so I get what you're going through in trying to keep track of all your communication from different sources. Here's some recommendations to track a B2C workflow:

    1. Your contacts should be automatically synced with your phone, I've always used google contacts and it integrates nicely with Pipedrive. To avoid a flood of unnecessary contacts from your phone to Pipedrive, make sure you create a Group on your google contacts for the purpose of syncing that particular group to pipedrive
      • Since all your closing attorneys, lenders, home inspectors will be synced from your phone, they'll show up as 'people' or 'person' in pipedrive. Then they can be easily auto-populated as participants in each 'deal' you create for your transaction.
    2. I would highly suggest using the 'Organizations' field to enter your referral sources. You'll notice pipedrive has a nice way to sort Organizations and you can see exactly how many deals are tied to an organization and how many of them actually closed. This becomes very helpful when you're doing your business plan and focus on the productive referral sources. For example, realtor referrals are entered as "Realtor First Last name" in the 'Organization' Field. Or I'll have "Financial Planner First Last name" or "Zillow". A lot of your business comes from past clients, so I just have a general "Past Client" organization for people who are doing their own deal with me again or "Past Client referral" if they're sending me their family or friends. If I have a particular client that refers me a ton, they actually get their own name in the Organization field. I made the biggest mistake when I started with Pipedrive by putting each person's employer in the organization field, don't do that, sorting all the different employers that your customers work for is useless. 

    Wish you success and hope this helps you get to the right start. 

  • bryan garcia
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    There are so many ways you can do this. I created “lead generator” section for each person that could/does send me a lead. Then I type them into a special box. However in your car I would probably create an activity type for each of those and then when I assign or have the conversation with that type Id use that when I track my calls about each deal. So then later I could filer so many different ways.

    Like, all customers with an activity type of ....
    Or all activity types by person to see who you work with the most.

    The filters for future business is basically unlimited this way.
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    I just posted this same message in another topic similar to this one. Yes, Custom files as another user pointed out will need to be used. I put as much info into Person Details and Org as possible in the order of the flow of the Deal. From original post on another thread “ As a real estate investor, I use Org as the House property plus the buy exit:strategy (assignment, wholesale or retail) details (pa signed date, total price, non-refundable deposit and balance at closing, closing agent, selling and buying agent, etc. I use Details as the details of the status of the client who called to sell the house, date called, time, appointment made or call back, house details, etc. Person have the person’s name, their role, physical mailing address if seller not living at property, rental, etc. I also automatically create a checklist as a Task/Note.”.
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    We are a professional company based in Belgium that has set up an entire automation workflow for Real Estate. We give free consultations as a service solution provider partner of Pipedrive.

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    We push data to following flows in Pipedrive:

    • Follow-up flow
    • Prospection flow
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    • Preparation (marketing) flow
    • Visits for sale
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    • Visits for Newbuild
    • Billing workflow
    • Or custom flows

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    • Your preferred billing system
    • Your CRM to manage your properties ( you don't need to work with a CRM)
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