Want to start off by saying the note tagging beta has been fantastic and it's hard to imagine Pipedrive without it now.

One thing that has come up talking to the team is the ability to colour the notes or label them as a specific type of note. We tend to get upwards of 50+ notes per deal file, and even with the ability to sort notes only, it can be very difficult to find a note left by our account manager vs documents manager vs underwriter for example when you're looking for a specific comment.

Pinning important notes is not really feasible as sometimes the specific note isn't important at the time. If we could have the option to colour the notes so when leaving them (from yellow to red for example) or have the option that when a specific user leaves a note, it is always that colour - or alternatively the ability to flag the note as 'Document Specific' for example, and then sort notes by type, would also work well.

Thanks for listening and continuing updating PD!