I, we try to gain the most time possible when importing data to create leads but we're facing an issue which seems like a bug or is easy to develop. When we import our csv to mass create new leads we want to create an activitie linked to the lead, the contact and the company created but it does not link with the new lead. So when we open the lead on lead page it show no activitie, we have to click on the person to be redirected on the person page and copy/paste the activitie into the lead page

So we have to go to every "person" to find the new activitie and link it manually one by one

Is this a "bug" not solved yet ? or do we have missed something?

Thanks in advance for your answers


PS : it does the same on the pop-up form that auto-fill next activitie for a lead, you have to add the lead manually instead of be a field already filled