I am trying to make some sense of the activities feature - and how to effectively use this in our workflow.

For instance - we have an activity type "Face to Face Customer Meeting"

  1. One of my reps schedules a meeting with a customer for Monday 06/01. We start an activity of the F2F kind for this scheduled meeting.
  2. We encourage our reps to define the agenda and discussion items in advance. The rep will have to add these pre-plan notes to the activity. (this offers a massive coaching opportunity)
  3. The meeting takes place and has outcomes - again, the rep is expected to share his meeting notes. It makes most sense today to, again, do this inside the specific activity and mark as closed.

The activity note is completely free form. Someone can edit the note, erase the previous text or add no notes whatsoever, there is nothing that requires a rep to complete it. No custom fields (like for instance a PLAN and OUTCOME field) either.

How do other people record scheduled meetings, meeting agendas and meeting outcomes using Pipedrive?